Daily Archives: May 10, 2022

Legal Aids Service by TLA

Tibetan Legal Association(TLA) is a non profitable organization founded by many of Tibetan Lawyers and Law students. Since established its office at Dharamsala in 2015, TLA provided different Legal Aids to hundreds of Tibetans who faced legal problems.which also had different legal tours to those major Tibetan Settlements, Monasteries, Nunneries and schools, had Legal Awareness… Read More »

Importance of Tibet to India: A Legal Perspective

The prevailing tensions on the loosely-demarcated India-China borderhas once again brought into sharp focus the historical distrust that underpins the Sino-Indian relationship, and the ever-presentthreat of escalation that portends serious repercussions for the entire region. The volatility of the situation on ground largely derives from the fluid understanding of the Line of Actual Control (LAC),which… Read More »

France court upholds ex-PM’s fraud conviction

A Paris appeals court Monday upheld former prime minister François Fillon’s conviction for the misuse of public funds. The conviction resulted from a scandal where Fillon paid his wife, Penelope Fillon, over €600,000 for work that she never performed. However, the court decided to shorten Fillon’s initial sentence of five years in prison to four years with three years suspended, meaning… Read More »