Legal Awareness program at TCV Schools

By | October 25, 2022

Lack of legal education within the Tibetan Diaspora is one of the key impediments in empowering the Tibetans in exile. Tibetan Legal Association’s (to be referred as TLA henceforth) recent legal surveys in few Tibetan settlements and educational centers in India testified to the fact that the level of understanding of Tibetans, even on rudimentary legal processes of the host country (India), is painfully low. This serious lack of legal education not only contributes to various social, economic and political problems for Tibetan refugees in India but also impede them in effectively contributing to the nascent exile Tibetan democracy. The case is not so different with Tibetans in Tibet under Chinese rule. A focus-group discussion conducted by TLA with some new-arrivals from Tibet indicated that their understanding on rule of law is minimal, yet they showed strong interest on legal education. The same discussion also revealed that many of them are ill-informed about democracy and its processes. To address these issues, TLA has conducted series of activities since its inception to spread legal awareness. The impacts of these activities have encouraged TLA to further increase and intensify our campaign to benefit as many Tibetans as possible, both in and outside Tibet.

Tibetan Legal Association is always try to promote and protect the principle of Rule of Law, democracy and Human rights. often organize different programs and activities to enhance the legal knowledge among its people. on 25th of this month, TLA South Zone successfully conducted a legal awareness program at Bylakuppee TCV School.