“Career in Law” talk to the interested students of Upper TCV, upon the request of the esteemed school career counsellor

By | November 24, 2023


On 23rd November 2023, TLA had a successful short session on the topic “Career in Law” for the interested students from Upper TCV. The session was arranged upon the request of the esteemed school career counsellor.

During the session, we aimed to provide comprehensive information on the various aspects of a career in law, ranging from educational requirements to the daily responsibilities of legal professionals. We discussed the different paths one can take within the field of law, and highlighted the potential challenges and rewards associated with each role.

We would like to thank the school for providing us with the wonderful opportunity to engage with students and share valuable insights about pursuing a career in law. It was an honour to be a part of their educational journey, and we appreciate your belief in our ability to positively impact the lives of these aspiring young individuals.