Syria doctor goes on trial in Germany for crimes against humanity

By | January 25, 2022

A trial against a Syrian doctor who has been accused of murder and torturing detainees while working in Syrian military hospitals began last week in Frankfurt, Germany.

The defendant, identified only as Alaa M, has been accused by German prosecutors of 18 counts of torture and one count of murder while working as a doctor in Syrian military hospitals in Homs and Damascus between 2011 to 2012.

After immigrating to Germany in 2015, the accused continued practicing as a doctor up until his arrest in 2020.

This trial follows a recent landmark decision in Germany earlier this month where a Syrian ex-colonel was given a life sentence for crimes against humanity, murder and rape. German prosecutors have been able to bring both of these cases in German courts using universal jurisdiction laws, which allow countries to bring trials against suspects who have committed serious crimes anywhere globally.

The trial resumes this week on January the 25 in Frankfurt’s Higher Regional Court where the accused will give his testimony to the court before witnesses are summoned.