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For the

Tibetan Conflict Resolution (TCR) Project of Dr. Tamara with London School of Economics

Job Description:   To interview the Tibetan people in any part of India  or Nepal  with regard to the conflicts or the conflict resolution process they have undergone in  the past.

The interviews must be with Settlement Officers and  Camp Leaders, and Tibetan Lawyers,  Lamas, NGO’s, Elders, or  Tibetan Justice Commissioner  who is involved or assisted  in the Conflict Resolution process    OR     any Tibetan  who have gone through any type of conflict and got the matter interfered by the camp leader, village people, Settlement officer, leaders, Lamas  or NGO’s, or Justice commission.

(For example:  Mediation  by elders, camp leaders,  Settlement officer, Lamas, Rinpoches, NGO’s  ,  Tibetan Justice System  or  formal justice process including police and courts) in Tibet, India, Nepal or Bhutan.

Apart from Interview,  one  can also record the proceedings of  the Mediation  before the  Elders, Camp leader, NGO’s,  Lamas, Monks,  or  to record the meetings between the settlement officer and the parties in  a dispute or problem.

There are two sets of Questions – One for the Judges/Mediators and other for the parties/witness/lawyers /general public involved in the dispute.

  • The Questions are translated in Tibetan so if you are not fluent in English, then you can use Tibetan language also. The interviews should be recorded in the voice recorder or in their mobile. We are aiming to collect about 200 interviews and 50 recorded observations of mediation.

Payment:    All interviews will be paid Rs 700 per interview  directly to the interviewers  Bank Account so long as you ask all questions listed and  Rs 700  for each recording of a conflict resolution mediation (tsonyodumdik).

Confidentiality:    The collected data /interviews /recordings will belong to the Project and cannot be used elsewhere, and most importantly, Interviewer can’t discuss the work and the data collected with anyone other than Dr.Tamara or the Tibetan Legal Association.

Requirements: You can speak in English or Tibetan .  Tibetan Legal Association will also teach you how to conduct interviews.

Number of Vacancy:  As many interviewers as possible and a translator.    The position is available immediately.

To apply for this position, please send an email including your address, Phone number and an introduction to the Tibetan Legal Association.

Aims of  Dr. Tamara’s Project :   The Tibetan justice system, (TJS), infused with human rights principles and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, cultivating calm minds, compassion, and interconnection with others, offers a new paradigm of conflict settlement that has the potential to radically transform modern legal systems’ approaches to harm, conflict and its resolution in the West.

This Project  aims to document the unheard voices and provides new insights into human rights internalization and the influence of religion on settlement of disputes. It  incorporates human rights norms, undocumented Tibetan customary laws and Buddhist philosophy as leading values for the administration of justice applicable to a wide variety of conflict types that can be applied in the West and globally.


Namgyal Tsekey

TCR  Project Consultant(India)

Tibetan Legal Association

Ratoe Chuwar Labrang, Potala Road



Telephone: 01892-226566

Mobile: 9897462190